What is the Irish Prescribing Index?

Discover new insights from exclusive prescribing data that is being captured in more than 380 GP practices across Ireland.

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Irish Prescribing Index

Why subscribe to the Irish Prescribing Index?

You can get direct prescribing data that is refreshed weekly

The direct prescribing activity of more than one thousand Irish GP’s is exclusively captured in the Irish Prescribing Index. The data is refreshed every single week and dates back to January 2013, allowing you to see current prescription trends and make fast decisions.

Each prescription in the Irish Prescribing Index has been recorded at the point of delivery in one of more than 380 participating general practices in Ireland.

You can see exactly where your products are strong or weak

You have invested heavily in your brand and you need to know that your sales and marketing strategy is working. Quickly search the Irish Prescribing Index for any medication and instantly compare the performance of your brands and products against your competition.

You can view results at a national level, or for each county or province, and filter the data by the age profile of the patient. You can even create your own sales territories as a filter, to see exactly how your field sales team is performing relative to the competition.

The Index is easy to use and understand

All of the information that is contained in the Irish Prescribing Index is presented in highly visual and modern online dashboards, specially designed by respected data experts.

Each dashboard presents insightful graphs that are clear and easy to understand, and you can view the underlying data in one click. With the Irish Prescribing Index, you can easily get the healthcare insights that you seek from the vast amount of prescription data available.

You can see specific market trends

With the Irish Prescribing Index, you can view the most prescribed products in the Irish marketplace for the last week, and how the results compare to the previous week. You can also drill down further to see the most prescribed product in any therapeutic sector.

Would you like to see the most prescribed Antifungal treatment for patients over the age of 16 in Leinster last week? The Irish Prescribing Index can instantly give you these healthcare insights.

Watch a quick video to learn more about the underlying data that powers the Irish Prescribing Index.


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Get the most out of your investment

The Irish Prescribing Index is must have tool for pharmaceutical executives with patent protected brands or a field sales force.

You need more than just data or information to maximise your return on investment. The Irish Prescribing Index offers you weekly insights into direct prescribing behaviour, giving you the power to make fast, informed decisions about the marketing of your brand and products in the Irish marketplace.


“The Index is very user friendly with great insights into our company, territory and competitor results.”

Senior Executive
Top 10 Pharma company

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See how easy it is to harness the power of the Irish Prescribing Index.


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example-reportYou can easily create and export high quality reports to share with your peers and management team.

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