Gorilla Survey

Your primary tool to discover clinical insights

Gorilla Survey is a market research platform with an active network of over 1,100 GP’s across Ireland. Each Gorilla Survey can deliver real insights to Irish pharmaceutical executives.

Questions on different healthcare topics are sent directly to Irish physicians by Gorilla Survey, and most responses are received within just 48 hours. More than 1,900 physicians from all over Ireland have completed a Gorilla Survey.

Each survey can be easily completed anywhere, at any time, and using any internet-enabled device. All answers are anonymous to ensure a high level of engagement with the busy Irish GP community.



Gorilla Survey Marketplace

Learn the answers to previous Gorilla Survey questions

Unearth valuable healthcare insights with a subscription to Gorilla Survey Marketplace, an online warehouse that contains all past Gorilla Survey questions and responses.

Credits allow you to download responses to the questions of your choice. Each answer will give you direct feedback from Irish GP’s on subjects that are relevant to the pharma industry, such as prescribing preferences for different products or therapeutic areas.

More than twenty Gorilla Surveys were completed in 2015 and on average, you will be seeing responses from more than 500 GP’s nationwide. You can click the link to find out more about Gorilla Survey Marketplace.


Gorilla Survey IQ

Submit your question to a network of Irish GP’s

Discover answers to the questions you need to ask with Gorilla Survey IQ. Each Gorilla Survey question sent to Irish GP’s is designed by expert consultants who work closely with you to design your question.

For example, you could ask a question to learn why certain medicines are preferred to others, or how physicians feel about changes to the way they work. You can also ask a question to help you gain confidence that your products are being prescribed in the right way.

The responses to your questions will come from an active network of more than 1,100 Irish GP’s, and will give you targeted healthcare insights to inform your thinking. You can click the link to find out more about Gorilla Survey IQ.

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